Root Canal Therapy

We've all heard the phrase, "I'd rather have a root canal done!" But the truth is, it's really not that bad.

Most of what we base these fears on stem from root canals performed decades ago, on our parents or grandparents! Nowadays, our Excelsior dentists have dental technology and equipment to keep our patients safe and comfortable. The truth is, root canals save us from tooth pain. If you're ever in need of a root canal, you'll be happy you had it!

What's the Deal with Root Canals?

Aside from the scary-sounding name, most people are terrified over a procedure that could actually save their teeth. 

  • Patients who need root canal treatment often come to Navarre Dental already in pain from tooth decay or severe infection. This pain is what many patients end up associating with the root canal and the condition that caused it. 
  • Root canals performed on our parents and grandparents with manual tools were far less cozy than current root canals completed with advanced rotary endodontic instruments.

The truth is, patients no longer have to live in fear about dental procedures at our Excelsior, MN dental office. We prioritize all our patients and their comfort, and we'll do whatever we need to to make sure no one ever feels scared or nervous with us.

If you feel dental anxiety about root canal therapy, please tell us. No worries! We offer sedation dentistry options that can make you feel less stressed and comfortable.  

What Is a Root Canal?

Within your tooth are layers of hard enamel, dentin, and the pulp. The term "root canal" refers to the area of the mouth that we operate on. Your teeth have cute little channels, or root canals, that run all the way to the roots of your tooth, connecting your nerves to the rest of your body, including your nervous system. These nerves can become inflamed when bad bacteria invade the tooth.

A takeover of your tooth can be painful and bloody; it can cause your gums to be swollen and tender to the touch. If you see your dentist at Navarre Dental regularly, we may be able to identify and treat a bacterial infection before it impacts and affects the rest of your tooth or jaw bone. 

Dr. McCullough can use diagnostic tools like digital x-rays to examine your teeth and gums and locate any oral health issue. 

Once the inner portion of your tooth becomes infected, we need to move quickly to save it. The goal is to avoid a dental extraction or to keep the infection from spreading. Root canal therapy can remove any damaged and infected portions within your tooth and sanitize it free of bacteria before covering it with a protective dental crown. 

Schedule a Root Canal in Excelsior, MN

Tooth pain is never normal and could indicate a nasty dental infection. If you are experiencing tooth pain, call us immediately so we can put you on our schedule. Our extraordinary dental team is always available for questions or to address concerns.